Parts don't save repeats

• Jul 18, 2009 - 20:33

Using Windows 0.9.5 r1897 I have been saving parts from a Score. The score has repeat bar lines, D S al Coda and Segno and Coda repeats. When I play the file or save the file as a Wav all the repeats are correctly used across all the voices.

My objective is to save out each part as a Wav file which I can then mix in various combinations in a Wav editor to create a music file people can listen to and learn from

Parts are Voice,Soprano,Alto,Tenor,Bass

When I create a Voice part I get all the repeats from the score in that part

When I create a Soprano, Alto Tenor or Bass part I only get the repeat bar lines- no D S al Coda or Segno or Coda

I have a workaround where I add them manually.

Is this a bug or is this not yet implemented?

Again- great programme which I am using all the time.


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