Different Notation When Reopened

• Mar 29, 2013 - 20:34

Why does my score change when reopened. See the two attached .pdf files. I know you need a .mscz file to analyze the problem but when I save the proper score and reopen, it comes back as shown in Bossa Bonita2.

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I assume you are talking about the apparent ties to nowhere. I'm not sure exactly how you created those, but I don't know if they really should have been possible at all. Ands now that they somehow got created, I suspect MuseScore just doesn't understand what these are supposed to be, and on reload attempts to match them up to the only logical thing it can find - the next note of the same pitch.

Are you perhaps trying to indicate a pitch bend? 2.0 will have special symbols just for this. Meanwhile, I find using the lines from the palette works better than trying to co-opt ties. Slurs can also kind of sort of work. But as you see, ties to nowhere don't work well in 1.X. They actually will in 2.0, because they are needed to get ties into and out of voltas.

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It took some time and effort to figure that one out. Anyway, using Shoichi's solution worked. Thanks again. Never having any formal musical education in notation, it's a learning process. I always look for answers and when all else fails I make a post. Hope that's OK.


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