MuseJazz font prints mirror writing

• Mar 30, 2013 - 13:45

When I set the font for text "composer " to MuseJazz, it displays as expected, but printing on paper it has the composer plus the composer in "mirror writing".


Hi LazyLew -

Can you provide more information? What version of OS are you using? What version of MuseScore?

Can you post a score?

You might also take a look at this thread for a problem that might be similar on Ubuntu.


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The thread you pointed to is indeed the same bug, so I'll follow that and for now use the workaround of printing to PDF first. My OS is LinuxMint13-KDE, so it's based on Ubuntu. Thanks for the reply and sorry for not finding the other post by myself first. I'll try to attach a score that has the problem.

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