Slightly off topic Add instruments to Soundfont

• Jul 21, 2009 - 07:04

There was a reply (to an earlier query about Soundfonts and playback) that David Bolton had changed the Piano Soundfont with 0.9.4 so would play all the instruments

As I understand he changed it so it would be used in all the GM Midi instruments rather than just the piano.

It is called piano1.sf2 and will be in the new releases

I want to do the same to a piano soundfont I have. I have downloaded Synthfont and loaded my piano file. How can I make it so the piano sound will pay for all instruments like David has done for piano1.sf2

I want the sound for Voice and SATB parts.




I managed to figure out what to do and learned something about Soundfonts and Muse Score :-)

I downloaded SoundFont Librarian from E-Mu systems site

I loaded the Soundfont I had. It had one preset listed allocated to PresetID 0 in Bank 0

I then loaded the Piano1.sf2 which was modified by David B. It showed Bank 0 with presets of all the same name but from preset0 to preset127.
Ah I thought have to fill all the remaining presets with the existing preset0 to get all the GM instruments

Reloaded my Soundfont I then started copying preset0 to the other positions- it automatically increments the position as you paste but you have to change the name.

Hmmm- this is going to take awhile to get 127 pasted when I only want the Voices instruments in the Soundfont.

Lightbulb !!!- I look at instruments.xml file and see that under Voices is a entry program 52 for all Voices. This may be the preset ID used by Musescore for Voices

Go back to Soundfont and edit the last preset ID pasted from 20 to 52

Save file and bootmusescore. Bingo all the voice parts play the Soundfont.

I now realise I could have just changed the original PresetID from 0 to 52 and I would have got the same.

Great programme - now if I can get r1926 to save without distortion I will be very happy


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