Cannot use the City Piano SFZ from BigCatInstruments

• May 26, 2017 - 14:46


I'm actually testing several Piano soundfonts for MuseScore. There are 2 SFZ piano on the Bigcatinstruments website. The lovely smooth Iowa Piano and the City Piano.
While the first works well, Musescore does not want to load the City Piano.
Any idea ?


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Hi !
I finally could load it. Don't know what happend first.
But finally, it's not the best sfz I've found.
Definitly, the best one I tested is the Free Estate Grand Le which is a Kawai GS60 6'9'' Grand Piano.
It's a gorgeous 620 MB SFZ that made me leave my old Salamander Grand Piano SFZ.

You can find it there :

Attached, you can hear my transcription of the music find in a YouTube video demo of the SHIGERU KAWAI SK7 (
The audio export is made directly with MuseScore using the Estate Grand Le SFZ. No more extra mixing ! Amazing sound !!!

Try it ! It's master piece.

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