cresc. and dim.

• Apr 16, 2013 - 15:09

I know how to insert "crescendo" and "diminuendo" into the score, but what if I want to abbreviate them? The only way I can see is to put the whole word in, then delete the end. Is there an easier way?


That's the best way for now. For 2.0, there will be customizable palettes where you shoild be ale to add the abbreviated versions. Actually, it's probaly possible in a not really supported way to do it now, but I don't know how.

Another useful shortcut - once you've placed and edited the term once, you can just copy and paste it elsewhere. That's what I do.

You could try using the hairpins (ctrl h / ctrl shift H - or drag from palette) - these can be expanded to cover the measures that you want the effect to work over ... not much help if it wraps around the end of a line though.

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Actually, haipons continue after a line break just fine. You just have to to extent them the correct way, as described in the handbook - using the cursor keys, not the mouse. Or, simply select the region you want the hairpin to cover before pressing H.

More recently it's occurred to me: What's wrong with having the words in full? For consistency I'll continue shortening them in the present piece, but in the next one I won't bother.

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