Bug tempo

• May 28, 2017 - 01:45

ciao a tutti, avete anche voi problemi con le impostazioni del tempo? per esempio, se lo imposto a 70bpm, va a 60, se lo imposto a 50bpm va a 70bpm. succede anche a voi? come si può risolvere?

Hello to all, do you also have problems with tempo settings? for exemple, if I try to set tempo at 70bpm, it goes at 60bpm, if I set at 50bpm it goes at 70bpm. Does it happen to you too? How can it be resolved?


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It seems that you have created parts after define the tempo. Then you have modified the tempo in the whole score. The tempo text has been modified in each parts score, but not the tempo value.

Workaround :
- Delete all parts of your score
- Modify the tempo to the speed you want.
- Recreate the parts.

Seems really a bug.

First of all thank you all for your answers.
I always change the tempo of the score since I create the bases on which to study. then I plan different speed and me I create the files mp3.
Reading Jojo-Schmitz's advice I followed the link https://musescore.org/en/node/78416 and I have remembered to have planned on a score the tempo with alt+T, even if I don't remember if it were this score. Could this have caused this problem?

I can confirm this behavior and yes, I am also heavily working with connected parts. What I usually do is after changing the tempo ist to reenter the tempo text box, add a return, reenter and delete the return and save after each modification. After some iterations musescore adapts to the new tempo. Good hint that it is related to parts. I will delete them next time before changing tempo, as they can be created anew with no effort.

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