sound of note entry too long.

• Apr 20, 2013 - 03:11
S4 - Minor

R 725882f nightly. on Windows XP.
It appears that the length of the tone heard when entering notes has been lengthened. This causes problems when trying to enter notes quickly because if you outrun the sounds, it gets confused and enters the notes you type in the wrong order or drops some. The work-around is to slow down the entry of notes to a crawl and wait for the tone to finish playing before entering the next note. bummer.


Why, yes there is. I suppose if one knows where to find it it can be changed easily enough. Curious though, why it is irritatingly slow by default??? At any rate, it would seem better if the sound would stop as soon as another note was entered and play the next note, no matter how long the preferred length is set.

Ok, I adjusted this preference to 20 ms and it seems to have no effect. Is there something else that could be making it so sluggish?

I can't reproduce, the length of the sound during note entry has not been changed as far as I know. Do you still have the problem? Do you use a MIDI keyboard? Can you check your CPU usage? Can you reproduce with a new score?