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• Jul 22, 2009 - 23:21

Is it possible to add just a simple text (any unspecified text) inside a frame with an option to align it from both left and right sides of the frame? Also when typing - when the right edge of the frame is reached, the cursor should perhaps return to the beginning of the next line instead of going out of the page borders.
This would be very helpful if someone needs to add more text among the staves. Like that, it could be nicely formated and aligned with the staves borders (resp. both left and right frame borders). I would be utterly greatful...

Also, the ability to select a part of text when typing would be very nice (like in any text editor). As far as I discovered, only whole text can be selected at the moment and there is no option e.g. to delete, copy or paste a fraction of the text.

I hope that I am not alone longing for more text editing capabilities of Musescore :)



The text editing could use some usability improvements but most of the capabilities you mention are already there. To insert generic text that wraps at the end of the line there are a few steps (using version 0.9.5 RC 1):

  1. Select a measure
  2. Create > Measures > Insert Horizonal Frame
  3. Right click on the new frame and choose Add Text > Insert Horizonal Frame to create a frame within a frame
  4. Right click on the inside frame and choose Add Text > Frame Text

You can left or right align the frame text using the formatting toolbar that displays when you are editing the text.

Although there is no way to select portions of text using the mouse you can use Shift plus the arrow keys to select a section.

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You can resize the width of the inner frame to form the left column, add a second inner frame to form the right column. Adjust the width and location of the second column so it is on the right. You can adjust the text alignment for the two frames independently.

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