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• May 7, 2013 - 21:09

When adding an interval, I usually use the 'Add interval below current note' = Shift+[Number]
However, when I try to add a 6th interval below the current note it does not show up. All other intervals,like a quarter or a quint below the current note immediately do show op. What am I doing wrong?
Has this something to do with the difference between Windows 7 (my new computer) and XP?
On my old computer with O.S. Windows XP everything works fine.


It could be a shortcut conflict between Shift + 6 and the actual character of these keys. If you have a dutch keyboard like this, check if one of the shortcuts in Preferences -> shortcut is not defined as &

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Checked the keyboard version: it is has the American layout not the one your link does show.
I discovered that both the sixth above (Alt+6) and the sixth below (shift+6) do not work. Every other interval does. Swichted this keyboard to my old XP computer : everything works fine. Used a brand new keyboard (Logitech) on my Windows 7 computer : same problem. Used that new keyboard on my old XP : no problem.
But if I add another interval below that (not shown) sixth, then both the sixth and that new interval is shown!

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My keyboard is a 'US-international' type.
Yes, using the num. pad does not supply the sixth below the original note.
Looking at the shortcut listin 'Preferences' then Shift+6 MUST give the desired interval.
Have not the foggiest idea what is preventing this...
Starting to become a little bit desperate here.......

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Hello Shoichi,
Thanks for the help!
I changed that particular shortcut into Shift+S (as you suggested) and that works.
Will use this until this subject is cleared.
Can somebody shed some light in this matter why the default shortcut does not work
in my particular case please?
Am I the only one with this problem having O.S. Windows 7?

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For your information: I do not think that I have a special type of keyboard.
It is a Microsoft 'Wired Keyboard 600'
Connecting it to the XP computer I faced no problem.
Connecting it to the Windows 7 computer, that particular problem popped up.
Using another keyboard, a Logitec 'K310 Washable' (only available in Europe) and connecting it to
the XP computer: no problem.
Connecting it to the Windows 7 computer also that particular problem popped up!
I will try to lay hands on another keyboard for further experiments.

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Gotcha. Should have added "your particular computer and your particular installation of Windows" to the list of variables here :-) But still, there are so many zillions of keyboards out there, it *is* certainly possible you are the only MuseScore user with a "Microsoft Wired 600" model - on the only one who purchased it in whatever specific country you purchased in it.

I also should have mentioned, though, that I am running Windows 7 64 bit, so that's not the problem. And there are doubtless thousands upon thousands of other MuseScore users with that OS. That's why I say it's extremely unlikely the OS is the issue - although something in your locale settings certainly could be. You say it is running English language, but there is more to locale setting than that - I believe Windows provides separate settings for time & date format, currency format, measurement units, etc. Any of those settings could be the issue.

However, I'd still start by assuming the problem is something in your preferences - a conflict with another shortcut you once set and forgot about, perhaps. Try seeing if you can assign shift-6 to be the shortcut for some other command to see if it reports a conflict. Also, have you tried the Revert to factory settings ?

Only once you rule that out would it make sense to dig into Windows locale setting issues.

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Problem solved!!
Thank you guys, all your valuable comments did set me on the right track
to solve this problem.
I checked the keyboard settings using the Windows 7 control panel and discovered that,
although my O.S. is English language, the keyboard settings were set in the Dutch language.
That explained why the Shift+6 did not work because pressing the ^ (above the 6) in the Dutch language
becomes only active after hitting the space bar. This is not the case using the English keyboard settings. There after pressing the shift key and hitting the 6 (is the ^) this ^ becomes immediately active.
After changing those keyboard settings to English language and then running MuseScore, everything runs fine now!
That also explaines why using my XP computer did not show this problem : there those keyboard settings were English!
Believe me or not but I was relieved!
Thanks again guys for your help!

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