Changing Soundfont problem

I'm new to Musescore. I've been trying to change the Soundfont to FluidR3_GM.sf2 using the instructions in the online manual.
I have Musescore 1.3 on Mac OSX10.8.3.
Fluid-soundfont.tar.gz downloads as an .sf2 directly without the need of unzipping and I have successfully changed the Soundfont to FluidR3_GM.sf2 in the Synthesiser window.
However, the next line of instruction is,
"The initial SoundFont setting is :/data/piano1.sf2. Replace this with the location of your new SoundFont (.sf2) file. Click on the Open icon to browse for the file and open it .

The Musescore Preferences pane has nowhere to do this on any of the tabs. I have seen online that an older version (0.9?) had this ability on the I/O tab. My version has nothing.

Can anyone help?
Many thanks


you have followed the instructions to the letter
"After finding and decompressing a SoundFont,"

meanwhile welcome

Sorry if I made this complicated.
Basically I want to know where to find the initial SoundFont setting.
In the instructions it says it's here: "The initial SoundFont setting is :/data/piano1.sf2.
But where do I find :/data/piano1.sf2 ?
Thanks for the welcome,

The handbook is wrong and has been fixed. piano1.sf2 is no more part of MuseScore for quite some time. The default soundfont is in your Musescore installation folder in the sound\TimGM6mb.sf2.

OK, I see the handbook has been changed.
many thanks.

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