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I am a happy user of MuseScore (Mac version) since many years and I mainly used (very satisfactorily) Version 0.9 of this program. Recently I decided to upgrade to Version 1.3 under Mountain Lion and I was very surprised in discovering that the List Edit panel option available after selecting a note or other object and right clicking the mouse, disappeared from the contextual menu.
Above all, the Offset option, contained in the List Edit panel, was of the utmost importance to me. Therefore I would ask if this option is always available under some particular menu or command that I was unable to find by myself, or whether it was abolished (to my great disappointment).

Thank you very much.


Not sure what this menu did or what kind of offset you are referring to. I am guessing it might be the same as what is currently called Note Properties, also in the right click menu. If that's not it, the perhaps if you described whst you are actually trying to do, we could advise you on how to accomplish it n the current version. Most likely the functionality is still there, just under a different name.

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Thank you for your reply.

Note Properties is still existing in the contextual menu but it is not the item I am referring to. The item in question was the last in the contextual menu, one line below Note Properties. As I am using the Italian version of MuseScore, it was named Ispezione Oggetto (literally: Object Inspection, but its actual name could have been different in English). Clicking on this menu item opens a big window with this English title: MuseScore: List Edit: Note. The last word is Note as I clicked on a note, but it will change if referred to another object, e.g. a rest.
In this window (please see the attachment) among a number of choices, there is the offset box I used frequently to shift the note, rest and the like horizontally to the right or (adding the minus sign) to the left by even very small amounts. I consider this feature of the utmost importance when preparing a score with complex polyphonic textures for printing.

Many thanks for your time.

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Ah, this seems to be what is currently called the object inspector. I believe it is disabled by default unless you run in debug mode (start MuseScore with "-d" option).

However, you shouldn't need this at all. Moving notes or most other elements left or right is done very simply - double click the note, uses arrow keys. They move in 1sp increments by default, 0.1sp if you use ctr, 0.01 if you use alt.

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