Stray notes ahead of Clef/key signature

• May 19, 2013 - 18:11


I imported a MusicXML file from Sibelius, and got some odd results.


Deleting the note just turns it into a rest. If I select the measure, the offending note is left out of the selection.

This happened several times in the score, and always at the top left of the page. This is just the first example of it.


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Hi klogue

What operating system and version of MuseScore are you using?

Are you able to attach the MusicXML and possibly the Sibelius one too?

As chenlung said, the MusicXML file would be very useful. It looks like a problem in the MusicXML import process (or a bad MusicXML file created by Sib). Could you attach it?

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Thanks for the update on the file!

I'm finding lots more problems... like bars with 5 beats in them (in 4/4 time). Not sure whether Sibelius is just creating really messed up MusicXML, or MuseScore has some serious MusicXML rendering issues...

For instance, bar 16 has five beats in the piano part. Measures 18 and 19 seem to have 4 1/2 beats in them (piano part). Measure 23 has 5 1/2 beats! Measure 27 ended up with 5 beats in all parts.


There are also quite a few instances where stuff that was in the Treble clef in Sibelius, ended up in the bass clef. For instance Measure 27.

Thanks for looking into this for me...


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