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• Jul 25, 2009 - 07:57
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I noticed some inconsistent capitalization in the Menu items such as "Edit style..." instead of "Edit Style...". My guess is you were trying to change to sentence capitalization since it also appears in Edit > Preferences > Shortcuts. I reverted to title case since the Menu items are more prominent in the interface than the shortcut preference list. After 0.9.5 is released we can look at fixing this properly.

I committed a new mscore_en_US.ts in r.1997.

Now that 0.9.5 is out are you interested in fixing some of inconsistencies in the original sources? I can help you along the way if you are interested even if you have no experience reading source code.

A good place to start is with the file mscore/mscore/actions.cpp. Open the file in your favorite text editor. You'll notice that each action has three lines which start with QT_TR_NOOP (see bold lines in code sample below). The text in quotes after each of these lines is what shows up when you are using MuseScore. At this point you can ignore all the other lines of code.

         QT_TR_NOOP("file open"),
         QT_TR_NOOP("Load Score from File"),

You'll probably recognize each of the strings. Of the three QT_TR_NOOP lines the first text appears in Edit > Preferences > Shortcuts, the second appears in the main menu, and the third appears if you use the "What's this?" help button on the main toolbar.

Probably it's a good idea to make just a few changes upload your work in an attachment and we'll go from there.

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