Cannot break multi-measure rest using Line break

• May 22, 2013 - 06:45

I have a multi-measure rest of 17 measures that is automatically created by using the general style property. However I'd like to have it split in a 1 mesure rest to finish the line + a multi mesure rest of 16 on the next line. I've tried to insert a Line Break before changing teh global style, but the line break seems to be ignored. Is there's a way to achieve what I want or is thsi a bug?


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You can right click the second of rest-measures, right click -> Measure Properties... and check the box "break multi measure rest". Then you set the general style property for multimeasure rests and afterwards you put the line break on the first rest-measure.

For more information:


Thanks for the fast answer! It works now. My mistake was to search for this in the rest properties and not in the measure properties.

BTW, double bars, rehearsal marks, and a coupe of other things automatically cause double bars to be broken. Chances are pretty good that if you are wanting to break a rest, you might want to have a double bar or rehearsal mark there anyhow...

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