Copy-paste of empty measure does not split correctly across barline

• Jul 27, 2009 - 04:32
S4 - Minor
  1. Open attached file: "copy paste rests.mscz"
  2. Select from measure 1, beat 1 to measure 3, beat 3
  3. Edit > Copy
  4. Click to select the quarter rests on measure 3, beat 4
  5. Edit > Paste

Expected behavior: Measures 1-6 should look like measures 7-12.

Actual behavior: The full measure rest is not properly divided across the barline.

(Tested using r.1955 self-bult, Windows XP. Bug is also present in 0.9.4 so I'm marking the bug as "postponed" till after the 0.9.5 release).

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copy paste rests.mscz 1.31 KB


We know where the problem comes from and it does not seem to have high impact on the rest of the code.
Moreover, it leads to measure with timing an content not in sync. So I decide to correct it.
It's fixed in r1958 (both behavior)