Orchestral SoundFonts

• Jun 2, 2017 - 03:19

I'm having a ton of trouble with them, even though I've seen a few tutorials. All I want is a detailed description of how to use them.


With the info you've now given it's hard to be more detailed than the normal handbook page (https://musescore.org/en/handbook/soundfonts-0)

If you could share which soundfont you're trying to use, where (and what) you've downloaded for it, what operating system you have, and which step of the handbook instructions isn't clear, *then* we might be able to walk you through it in more detail.

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Well, I'm not actually sure which one to download. My problem is when I downloaded one to see if I liked it, I tried to use it and it did not work. I'm having trouble with how I can get the score to use the SoundFont in playback(and I do know how to use solo SoundFonts and that I'm supposed to use a YouTube video to get the playback on the actual website).

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Did you follow the instructions for installing the soundfont? So it shows up in the list in the Synthesizer window? If it isn't the *only* soundfont you have installed, did you also follow the instructions for selecting the individual sounds using the Mixer? If so, please attach your score and tell us which soundfonts you are using and what order they show up in in the Synthesizer, so we can see what might be going on.

I have only installed one SoundFont, the Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra. I think I know how to use it, you download it, go to synthesizer, then go to "Zerberus" and put in the instruments for your score.

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Well the processing of attaching the file worked - not that there was any doubt about this - but I am assuming isn't the actual score you are working on :-). It contains no notes, so of course it doesn't make sound when you play it. Furthermore, it was created with an older version (2.0.3) which does not work as well with SFZ soundfonts, and it was not set up to use any SFZ sounds in any case.

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Ah, you mean 2.1. I was shown multiple download notifications of it, but declined because I did not read the notifications. How do you download it without the notifications? They are not coming up anymore.
And also, the problem with the notes was that I had tried to use it, but it would not use the soundfont. I looked at Zerberus and realized the instruments I had places were for a previous projects that I had abandoned. I tried putting the instruments I needed into Zerberus, but the SoundFont did not have all the instruments I needed. :-)

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