Just tried a nightly

• Jun 3, 2013 - 01:54

Nightly version MuseScoreNightly-2013-06-02-2309-6f303d3
Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

I write for guitar.I've been waiting for the TAB features for a while now.So I decided to try a nightly.This is what I have found thus far.

1st it didn't want to copy paste an old .mscz file to a new one.I created a new score to attempt putting the TAB to this piece,I pressed ctl+c from the original and then pressed ctl+v and the program crashed.

2nd:Unable to add TAB Staff to existing v1.2 .mscz file

3rd:I opened a new score dialog and successfully got a guitar notation plus TAB but could not do a second or third voice in the notation staff.I pressed ctl+i+2=CTD,I then saw that the buttons were changed and pressed ctl+alt+2,would not allow a second voice.Even clickin on the 2 voice icon in the toolbar it still wouldn't go in.

I apologize if this is unspecific or if it is a bug report/feature request. These are the things I noticed Straight away as I just downloaded the nightly.Been using Musescore v1.2 for a while now and I really like this program.I looked at the How to's,FAQ's, and the Tutorials to see if there was a fix will now go to the forums for help.

EDIT:What is the difference between the Simple,Common and Full TABs?


When you say you couldn't add a tab staff to a 1.2 score, how did you try to do it? I have no idea how it might work, but first thing that came to mind was to hit I for the instrument dialog, add a guitar staff, then I saw there was a "staff type" drop down in the instrument list dialog. I changed it from Standard to one of the various tab options, hit OK, and as far as I can tell, it worked. Also seems to work to add a regular staff then change the type in staff properties. What did you do, and what actually happened?

I have no insight into the different types of tabs, but you might check out the various posts in the technology preview forum about tab.

Voices work the same as always except for the change in shortcut you already discovered. As always, you have to first be in note entry mode, then hit the button / shortcut to change voice, then start entering notes. Works fine in all nightlies I've tried. Could you be more specific about what you are doing if you continue to have trouble?

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I tried adding it with the add instrument (both ctl+i and the create option in the header) the drop down only gave me a standard and normal option,no TABs.Also tried with adding the normal staff and tried right clicking an empty part of the staff to bring up staff properties and still no tab option.

The voice thing, since the tabs werent going in I created a new score, added the first acoustic guitar (nylon) in the plucked strings drop down with the 8vb staff and a full TAB,key of D Major 4/4 time,added the first voice fine, hit ctl+alt+2(3&4) would not switch to the second voice, I also clicked on the 2,3,&4 icon in the toolbar with no voice change. maybe the build I got is bad? I don't know.Ive been using Musescore for a year and a half now like it alot.went through and checked with preferences if there was something that should be set up there saw nothing.

Am trying to get a screen capture program that won't close the drop down box to show you what is happening with the adding a TAB to the old score.

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Watch tis vid in 720p full screen and see what I'm talking about.


Please ignore the music I didn't know it would be put in automatically.The CTD at the end was when I tried to ctl+z to undo the changes to the original score.Also the new nigtly changed the format that the piece was saved in.The Adante cantabile in the corner and the6=D should be just above the clef symbol.I think th version of this song I uploaded at the other musescore site has the original format.


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It looks like you are doing voices correctly; there may be a bug in the specific build you have as I cannot reproduce the problem. I think you should submit an issue, with simple step by step directions to reproduce, and perhaps a link to the video - but the step by step directions are probably better, as one can follow them much faster than watching a video.

I still have no real insight into tab and linked staves, so I can't say if there is anything you are doing wrong or not.

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Thanks Marc.I only did the video to show that I was following the How To Tutorial for the TABs and to show what is missing in the build I have. The voice not going in is weird though. The second voice will show as being on but as soon as I change the note value (i.e. eighth note to whole)it switches back to the first voice. I suppose that I put this in the issue tracker then?

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