Odd Spacing Between Tuplets

• Jul 1, 2013 - 00:32
S5 - Suggestion

Odd spacing seems to appear between certain notes in irregular user-defined tuplets. I can't seem to remove the extra space. Attached is a picture demonstrating the problem—notice the extra space after the two B's. These spaces appear to correspond with the notes in the bass staff, but they are unnecessary and distracting. Is there a possible workaround?

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Which version of Musescore and which OS are you using? Can you attach a sample MSCZ to see if we can reproduce in the development version?

Title Incorrect Spacing Between Tuplets Odd Spacing Between Tuplets

The spacing is not that odd. It's due to the lower clef note and is meant to align the tuplet with these notes. Current development version has the same "oddity". And it can be switched off by clicking the beam and choosing "local relayout" in the inspector.

MuseScore d4b323bcbd without any tweak

MuseScore d4b323bcbd with local relayout applied on the tuplet beam


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