Blue cursorline faster than musicsounds

• Jul 8, 2013 - 10:50

Excuses (in anticipation) for my bad (Dutch-school)-English.

For several weeks now, I face a strange and nasty phenomenon.
Using MS 1.3 on my (2005)PC with Windows XPHome.
Lots of free space on the HDD.
Some examples:

Score A: (home-made for concert band).
Size 6/8, 186 measures, chosen speed 180 bpm ( = beats per minute ).
Having started "playback" , the blue cursor-line reaches the final measure after 3'07'' ( = 187 seconds).
Having started "playback" , the score-sounds reach the final measure after 3'39'' ( = 219 seconds).
To me the music-sounds seem to take 20,8% more time than the blue cursorline, or,
to me the blue cursorline seems to run 17,8% faster than the real sounds.

Score B: (home made too for general purpose).
Size 4/4, 51 measures, chosen speed 60 bpm.
Blue cursor-line finishes after 188 seconds, playback sounds finish after 236 seconds.
(By the way: 1 measure = 4 beats, so 51 x 4 = 204 beats and 204/60 = 3,4 minutes = 228 seconds ........... ??????????)
Discrepancies are either (56/1.88) 29,8% or (56/2.36) 23,7% !!!!

Score C: (general purpose).
Size 4/4, 102 measures, chosen speed 80 bpm.
Blue cursor-line finishes after 310 sec., playback sounds finish after 371 sec.
( 1 measure = 4 beats, 102 x 4 = 408 beats, 408/80 = 5,1 minutes = 306 seconds ............................... ??????????)
Discrepancies are either (61/3.10) 19,7% or (61/3.71) 16,4% !!!!

Question 1:
Is there anybody, who can explain to me this very strange and nasty phenomenon?
("Nasty", especially when I try to use reading en listening -at the same time- to scores for my various pupils .....)
Question 2:
Is there any explanation for the fact, that 60 bpm are not taking 60 seconds ?????
Question 3:
Why is 120 bpm something else than 120 beats of a real metronome????

I already have been putting my odd experiences on the Dutch Forum, but mr. Thomas Bonte asked me to use this one too, although he knows (for sure) that I am a Dutchman.
So again, I apologise for language-, grammatical and idiom-mistakes.
In case of answering my questions or helping me in some other way, please use simple words en simple sentences.
(I'm a real Dutch musician and music-teacher, not an interpreter).
Lots of thanks for paying attention !


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To Mr. Jojo-Schmitz,
Three scores, attached below, like you asked for.
During a last check-up before sending the scores, I noticed here and there some small differences in the mentioned times. They don't change the essential meaning of my questions.
Thank you again for your (very fast) attention.
(Once again, sorry!)

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SCORE C.mscz 10.5 KB

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Only reading your question makes me nervous already.
To me, reading en talking about PC-properties or searching for soundfonts and other invisible and abstract ICT-ghosts,
seems more difficult and complicated than studying Russian or Chinese .....................
I did find something, but I am absolutely uncertain about the name you're looking for.
Could TimGM6mb.sf2 be the thing you're looking for?
Thanks so far anyway,

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I tried to download FluidR3_GM.sf2 but didn't succeed.
In the negative message I read, that the program is unknown and needs a search on the WEB (whatever that may mean) or something like that.
I'm afraid the entire problem is becoming too complicated for me.
I'm just a moderate customer/user of three or four windows-programs, I'm 68 and I think the time has come to accept my growing lack of PC-knowhow ...................................
I want to thank you and your dear collegues for all the well-meant reactions.
Kind regards,
Dutch Harry (completely different from Dirty Harry)

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Neither do I speak English, and I'm not a musician, so have patience please.
I have a doubt: have you highlighted the first note, then Ctrl + Alt + T and chose a tempo text?
Keep into account the previous comments, but check if the attachment has the same problem (right click on "Presto", see Time Properties ...).

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Thank you for trying to help.
The problem remains.
About 110 weeks ago I started MS and during about 104 weeks I faced no troubles.
Having saved about 250 scores up till now, the "war" between Cusorline and Playback started.
In none of the 250 scores I have been using the Ctrl+Alt+T and never I chose a tempo text.
I've always been using the Play Panel, without any trouble.
A few months ago (in MS1.2) I experienced strong distortion sounds on all scores, with all instruments.
Then came MS1.3 and from the moment I left 1.2 and started 1.3 the quality of the pure sounds improved, but the problems mentioned above started.
Up till now none of the solutions above seems to help.
Yet, I'm grateful for your attention and time.

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if you have a little time and want to make another attempt:
Make sure you have a backup copy of your scores;
Start / Control Panel / Add or Remove Programs, uninstall MuseScore;
Delete the folder "Muse" as described here:
("For advanced users..." the folder is normally hidden, make it visible);
Download the latest version of 1.3 and install it.
When you download a compressed file, such as a soundfont: right click and "unzip" as in the attached image (Maybe it's obvious but "repetita iuvant").
Good luck.

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Dear Shoichi,
In common (and for most people I guess) your proposal to uninstall MS1.3 and start all over again might be O.K. !!!!
But for me personally and my (2005)PC with XPHome it's out of the question.
As I told earlier, the blue-cursorline-troubles started about six weeks ago.
Three weeks ago I got the brave (stupid) idea uninstall MS1.3 (backups of my scores on several places at home).

Since that sad day, I never succeeded in downloading MS1.3 again (on my XPHome).
The famous green button to start the download didn't react.
Applying the "direct link" resulted in a line of completely disturbed and crazy characters and figures and nothing worked inthe right way.
After three days completely without MS1.3 I tried to download MS1.3 on the laptop (Windows7) of my wife (she was out of town one afternoon).
Bingo! I succeeded!!
By copying on an usb-stick and vice versa copying the stick on my desktop XPHome, I happened to install MS1.3 again.
(The cursorline-troubles weren't solved at all).
Thomas Bonte (Dutch Forum) asked me to write down my troubles on the English Forum.
So I tried.
It resulted in a flood of reactions and well-meant advises (yours included).
Nothing helped (up till now), yet it's very nice and positive to notice, that so many MS-people are interested and try to help you ("The Old Man and The PC" - not by Ernest Hemingway this time). For that I'm still grateful.

However, when you ask me to uninstall .................................. I wouldn't just THINK about it.
Thank you for your efforts,
I probably rest my case and probably will continue working with a cripple MS1.3
Kind regards,

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Hmm, MuseScore 1.3, as well as that download button, works quite well on my 2005 PC running WinXPpro SP3. And now on Win7 too. It does have 3GB RAM though, got upgraded a year ago or so.
Uninstalling MuseScore won't touch your scores, but of course having a backup of them won't harm ;-)

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