Various MIDI Playback for Notes of Same Pitch

• Aug 8, 2013 - 10:01

Attached is an excerpt of an larger score.
In the second bar of the piano there is a 16th note in the first voice an a whole note in the second voice. Both have the same pitch.


However, the MIDI playback plays various pitches. The whole note is played with a lower pitch than the 16th note.
The Nightly Build from the 04. July works in the same way. I also tried various soundfonts but it did not help either.
Is this a bug or a failure on my side?

Thanks for your help & Best wishes from Germany,
Tian Ren

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The whole note that looks like a C seems to actually be an A - clicking it and hitting Ctrl-R (the shortcut to reset positions) moves it back where it belongs. You must have inadvertently double clicked and dragged it from its normal position up to the space above.

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