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• Aug 17, 2013 - 07:20

As shown in the attached image file, I need to be able to notate a "honkey-tonk" piano solo. The notation I need is the two dotted-half notes connected with the 3 bars. This is Finale's way of notating a sort of rapid "trill" that oscillates between the two note sets shown for the 3 beat count. I'm not sure what the correct terminology is, just know how it sounds...

If MuseScore can't do what is shown, I would appreciate any suggestions for alternative notation that is within MuseScore's capability.


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It's just a tremolo but notated in an incorrect manner.

From the typeface it looks as though it comes from the "Real Book" family of scores.

These are always riddled with notational idiosyncrasies which are not found in conventional notation, and are better avoided to avoid confusing other musicians in the same way as you have been confused here.

The correct way of entering this is thus:


Although strictly speaking you should change the orientation of the tremolo slashes to correspond to the notes they lie between which unfortunately is not possible in MuseScore 1.3.



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