Minim tremolo with beam styling

• Nov 15, 2012 - 16:26
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Here are 2 issues I've found that would be solved by doing so:
#5473: Ability to change the direction of a tremolo between 2 notes
#13556: Tremolo incorrectly placed visually

Besides, that's how it's done in normal printed music: the length and orientation of the beam depends on the notes.
See Wikipedia .

The only modification would be that there should be a little separation between the vertical stem and the beam, except if the tremolo is in 2/4 notes, in which case it's treated as a completely normal beam.



Title The tremolo bar between 2 notes should behave like a normal beam. Beaming options for minim tremolo

From what I see in page 226 of 'Behind Bars' (three images), it is another way for tremolo to be presented.

Please correct me if I'm wrong.

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Could someone please post an instruction how to do it? That would be very kind.

To support this suggestion, here's a few measures from a Barenreiter urtext - the authoritative, most correct version - of a public domain score. I received it a few days ago, it's copyrighted 2018. So I'm pretty sure it was edited this year.
MS currently simply cannot do these.

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I will be considering this in the next few days. What I've come up with: a tag of <style> in MuseScore file, being able to write/read/edit it in the inspector, and if it's beam style then layout like beam (not sure how to do this though, including the Beam class in the tremolo.cpp?). Another questionable thing: this beam style is only available for minim tremolo, so should a new "Minim tremolo" inspector UI be created having the tick-box or combo-box of style-choosing? Just like fermata is separated from other articulations.

Note that this 'beam' style tremolo, only applies to the out-most of these tremolo lines, not to all of them, unlike the beams for 16th and shorter notes.

There are several types of tremolos with different numbers of bars/beams.
On those with more than one, only the one farthest away from notehead is looking like a beam in one of those old style notations.
So we actually need 3 modes, modern none as beam, old one as beam and old all as beam.

Status active fixed

Fixed in 3.6.0. Now that PRs are merged by rebase-and-merge, issues will not get closed if only the PR titles have "fix #xxxxxx" :(

That "fix #18897" had to be in the commit title all the way and is documented that way in the developers' handbook, that it works in the PR title too was never meant to happen.

Also I think we can take this down from the 3.5 release notes, it wasn't completely solved by then. Or mark it as a partial fix.

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