Minim tremolo

• Dec 10, 2018 - 02:48

Is there any time we will see tremolos written like this? minim_tremolo.png


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When a notation program fails at notation, I think it's a bug. Either way, I think it needs a priority assigned if it's ever going to get any work done on it.

Or for me to quit feeling like Theseus in the Labyrinth every time I look at the size of Musescore. I'm going to have to ask a bunch of stupid questions to even be able to build it, let alone find anything in it. Is there an API somewhere?

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I'm pretty sure this issue does not deserve a priority high enough (P0) to make it mandatore for the initial 3.0 release, there a many other more pressing issues.
Again: this is not a bug, just a lacking featurea, it lacking since quite long and there is an existing tremolo, which at least serves as a workaround.
But if some volunteer provides a good enough PR, it might happen...

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Well, that's my call anyhow, it's subject to change of course. Clearly it's one of the more important new features we could want on the notation side, and of course as we always say, MuseScore is about notation first and foremost. So to me, P0 for initial 3.0 release is about critical bugs and really bad layout, P1 ends up being a bunch of less-critical but still significant bugs and also the most important new features.

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