Dual-voiced same-pitched notes

• Jun 16, 2017 - 03:32

If a note in the first voice is for example a quarter tone (C4) and then in the second voice is also a C4 as a whole-tone on the same staff, it seems that the duration of the second-voiced whole tone gets overridden by the first-voiced quarter tone, and the whole tone doesn't let ring through the entire measure. One can imagine the retort of Why do such a thing anyways?, but this isn't the point. This is especially prevalent when one utilizes de-tuning. For instance, if the whole tone is shifted up by +30, and the quarter tone previously mentioned is default, what would be expected would be to have a regular C for quarter of a measure sounded in conjunction with a C slightly sharpened, then after the regular C had ceased playing, the custom-tuned note would continue on until the measure's end. This isn't the case, and in order to get this effect it seems one must make one of the notes a different pitch with an an accidental to it to get it to be the same playing tone. FWIW: multipe single-instrument staves make no difference. Trying to be sly as in the third image won't fix anything; MIDI makes no distinction regarding sharps/flats/etc.

Selection_002.png     Selection_003.png

This could be seen as a bug or at least a feature that could be well to do if implemented for someone who wants to exploit the tuning abilities of Musescore. It is understood that most standard instruments don't have this ability of playing two notes of the same pitch (especially with de-tuning), but some -- synths for instance -- could make use of this or practically any instrument with the wanting to be a little "experimental". Is there a defense to the above described behavior as it is? If not, it may be worth looking into for future development.


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This (two different tunings) is really a different case than the generic longstanding bug. No instrument on a single MIDI channel can sound a single "pitch" at two different pitches at once, even if the bug were fixed. This interesting need certainly could be addressed with the discussed "channel per voice" feature, which, as discussed to death on other thread, is not at all the right thing for keyboard instruments nor the categorical solution to the bug.

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Thanks for clarification, BSG.
Also, to be sure for others (and to satisfy the itch for some screenshots), e.g.,
This with one flat and one natural with the addition of the flat being re-tuned to +120 will give a note aurally tuned +20 and will respect the two durations of half- and whole-note during playback, yet if the same method is employed with two naturals, e.g.
with one note programmed with a +/-20 re/de-tuning as has been discussed, it won't work. As a work around with the desired tunings, the accidental as in the first example could be hidden and potentially replaced with an alternative like an Selection_011.png to achieve this sort of thing.

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