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• Aug 23, 2013 - 16:36

I'm trying to extend a first ending over numerous lines of the score. Double click, then Dragging moves it visually to the next PAGE, but not the next line. Shift/Right arrow does the same thing. Dragging down doesn't work. I was able to do this yesterday, but for some reason it's not working today. I must be missing something? Thanks


Thanks for your reply, I had tried that and it didn't seem to work. I tried it again, and I realize that it DOES work, but before the line extends to the next measure, it first extends onto the next PAGE before moving down . .. see attached file, note 1st ending at letter G, how the line extends past the page.

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You first placed a volta on measure following the G, then extendend it via edit-mode (double-click on the Volte) and shift-right to extend to the H and left edit-mode. Then a 2nd double-click on the volta, near the G, puts it into edit mode again, but this time the Volte does not extend to the next measure via shift-right.
A doubleclick on the volta near the H would allow to extend (or shorten) it.

Hi, dear!
I just downloaded the program and was having the same problem. Turns out to do it you have to double-click the ending until it´s not only blue, but shows a couple of little boxes that work as handles. Then you can manually drag it over as many bars as you want, or use the command Shift + --->

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But to be clear: do not drag over multiple measures. That makes the line physically longer but it' still only attached to the original measure and won't work right. Always use Shift+right to extend over multiple measures, or just add it to the right measures int he first place by selecting them then double-clicking the palette symbol (this works for just about everything in MuseScore).

Place the the first ending bracket at the last measure of the ending. Right click on the line and select edit element. Click on the box on the left to highlight it. Hold down shift and use the direction arrows to extend the ending to the left and it will jump up properly to the line(s) above. Good luck!

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