XML and PDF export in nightly builds

• Aug 29, 2013 - 06:00

I have been making considerable progress on a series of orchestrations from Music XML files imported using the current nightly builds. (I have updated to the most recent, MuseScoreNightly-2013-08-28-1216-839b2dc.7z)

I am working in collaboration with the composer, who is using Sibelius on a Mac platform. (I am not sure which OSX or Sibelius version he is running)

Unfortunately when I export either XML or PDF versions of my work, there are considerable irregularities which make my work unusable. The XML versions of the files export incorrect orchestral transpositions and other formatting issues, while the PDF files display miniature and/or missing note heads and other data. I can read the XML files correctly in Musescore Nightly, but not the PDFs I have created.

I tried to load the saved documents into a stable 1.3 release, but receive an error code that my software is too old to read the files.

These anomalies appear on both my desktop computer, which runs Windows Vista, and my laptop, running Windows 7. Using both these platforms, I have created error free PDF files using Musescore 1.3 in the past. It is the nightly builds which seem to be causing my troubles. Unfortunately, 1.3 displays numerous issues importing Music XML.

Can anyone find a way for me to get my work to the composer in a form that is more compatible?



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Great! I look forward to a new build.

As for the issue of exporting XML, I am not ruling out the possibility that the issue is on the receiving end, with my associate's version of Sibelius on Mac. It occurs to me, however that I have seen similar, random looking transposition errors when I toggle [Concert Pitch]. This SHOULD show all parts in the same key and transposition, but does not necessarily do so. In the attached XML above, the Bass Clarinet and Bari Sax are empty tracks, and remain in the same key regardless of the Concert Pitch setting.

In terms of the project I am working on, PDFs are useful as reference points so that the composer and I can see what each other are seeing on our page, but it is the XML files which are more crucial, as he will need to be able to run a final edit on the work I send him.


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Thanks, Jojo.
My associate is unlikely to switch to Musescore at this point, as his work was mostly completed before I was added to the project. As it is, we are both old (OLD) Atari/Notator men, and are accustomed to midi recording capabilities in composition. I will try to load the XML file which I exported to him to see if the errors show upon import here. This may not prove anything, as Musescore may or may not recognize its own errors.

Thanks again.

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Issue #15373: [MusicXML] Export is wrong if score is in concert pitch mode has not been fixed yet in the current trunk (nightly builds). It causes incorrect transposition information in MusicXML export, but only if "concert pitch" is on while exporting. In that case MuseScore files imported in either Finale or Sibelius will display incorrect pitches.

The workaround is easy: make sure "concert pitch" is switched off when exporting to MusicXML.

I am working on a solution, but cannot commit to a date.

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