Export to PDF on Windows produces small symbols

• Jul 18, 2013 - 09:45
S4 - Minor

MuseScore 3ab3162b34

Exporting a PDF on Windows doesn't work correctly. The notehead, clef etc... are too small. I can't reproduce on Mac OSX. So it seems to be a problem on Windows only. There are several things interacting in this bug.

  • The way we produce PDF (QPrinter)
  • The fact that we use TTF font instead of OTF (Qt cannot embed OTF partially, at least on Windows, resulting in big PDF http://musescore.org/en/node/16895)
  • The way we draw symbols. Currently we use drawText() and there is a flag in build/config.in.h to use a lower level API drawGlyphRun.

Here are some experiments

* without USE_GLYPH, current state
- PDF printing is broken (Mscore font glyphs are too small). I can't find why... PNG, SVG are working, display is working.
- Printing is working
- Display is working

* with USE_GLYPH
- PDF is broken equally
- Printing. Clef, notehead are not printed, but time signatures are!
- Display is working

* OTF + USE_GLYPH defined
- Display is broken
- PDF is broken too.
PDF saved with OTF files are still big.

* without USE_GLYPH
- Working
* with USE_GLYPH
- Working

Conclusion: With Qt 5.1, I can't find a combination to have display, PDF with decent size, and printing working.

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Indeed, by using the RC version of Qt 5.1.1 from the link posted by lasconic, the bug is fixed.
Here are the results from my building environment of an export to pdf of the example score by rev. e47d9de7ba in Windows 8:
Promenade_Example_510.pdf exported by the 5.1.0 build
Promenade_Example_511.pdf exported by the 5.1.1RC build

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this small notes bug in export pdf is still not fixed in 6559fe0, will the nightly builds be updated to qt 5.1.1 or is it not available yet?

I've installed and built the latest 2.0 with Qt 5.1.1. MS complains that Qt5Multimedia.dll and Qt5MultimediaWidgets.dll are missing, so putting them in the BIN folder fixes that. My PDF export of the sample Mussorgsky file seems fine. I've attached the PDF.

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