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• Aug 2, 2009 - 01:21

Attached is the score. I will experiment, but I believe the lack of ability to attach a file to a comment as I've mention twice now may be because I'm finding the comments via "recent posts". The function may not be accessable through that.

I will notify you.

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And When I C Part.mscz 19.96 KB


As I continue with this score, other problems appear.

Select one of the first "Eb"'s in bar 10, right click to Harmony properties and change it to "Eb7sus" by selection. There is a bug here.


Bar 11:

- remove chordnames from top staff.
- On next staff down, select 2nd Eb and add "7".
- Select that change and Ctrl-C
- Try to copy it up one staff.

MS recopies it to where it was copied from, resulting in multiple copies in the same place.

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The problem comes from Javascript then. Possible solutions:
1/ do a hard refresh with your browser when you are on a page: CTRL-F5 for Internet Explorer
2/ browse on with browser cache disabled.
It should reveal the link again when it's ok.

What browser do you use btw?

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I few months ago I sometimes noticed that the attachment option was missing. My speculation was that it happened when I was replying to my own forum topic. However I didn't have a way to properly test that without flooding forum with test posts. I subsequently forgot about it since I haven't encountered it for a long time. I also haven't started any forum topics for a long time either so maybe it is related.

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I usually use firefox, but my harddrive just crashed again, ( 1 month after replacing it) and I was having other problems so all this may be related. I will have my computer back tomorrow, so I will see what's happening then. Thanks for your responses.

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