Saved Template, but can't find file

• Jun 22, 2017 - 07:48

After looking through this forum post, and seeing the comment that says to save it to the templates folder "wherever you installed MuseScore" (that being the system folder), I decide to do just that. However, when I search the template folder at that location afterwards, all that is there are the program default templates. My template is nowhere to be found, not even in the user templates folder. It's completely missing, even after a complete search for it. However, MuseScore still recognizes my new template as one to choose from during new score creation.

Where is my file? I'm trying to find it to alter what I saved.

Alternatively, how do I unlist my new template from the new score creation window? If I can do this, I'll just save a brand new template, and this time save it in the user templates folder. I want to undo what I've done before continuing.

Windows 10
MuseScore 2.1


The post you mention is very old and applies to an even older version of MuseScore. You should no longer be placing any files into MuseScore's installation folders. MuseScore now gives you your own Templates folder, right next to your Scores folder (typically under Documents/MuseScore2 under you home folder).

Once you save you template there, you will need to restart MuseScore before your templates shows up in the list.

My guess is you need to restart MsueScore for your changes to be seen. But also, on Windows, I gather there is some sort of "virtual store" used to cache files placed in folders that normally require administrator privileges, like those under Program Files. Sometimes this causes files to be there but not be there in ways I don't understand. Search on the term "windows virtual store" for more info and to see how it might apply to your situation.

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None of the above in this thread has assisted me in locating a template I created in MS2.x. I opened a file or two that use that template; those files still have the proper template. But the template can be found nowhere using the methods described herein. How do I recover my template?

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If it doesn't appear in your list of templates, I would suggest that you search your hard drive for the template. In windows, you use the file explorer, select the C: drive (or which ever drive your data is on) and search all subdirectories for the template. Just type mytemplate in the search box where mytemplate is the name of the file you used when you created the template. You can then right click the template and select open location, this will open the folder where your missing template is. You can then copy and paste it into the user template folder for the version of MuseScore you are using.

Be aware that if you created the template in version 2 and are now using version 3, it is highly recommended that you open the file as a score in version 3, make sure everything is to your liking, then save it in your version 3 user template folder for future use as a template.

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I have already searched the hard drive for any file with an extension of msc*. (I did say that nothing mentioned so far in this thread had revealed the missing template.) This has not revealed the location of the missing template. Even opening some simple MS2.X lead sheet files in MS3 has left me nonplussed; opening a template file in MS3 is going to be an adventure.

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You don't have to scrap anything, just save as the file in the templates folder and it will create an empty score with the same settings as the score when you use it as a template. The only bad thing is that the contents of the score will be seen in the templates dialog. If this isn't to your liking, press ctrl+a then delete and everything you need to get rid of will be gone.

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Does MuseScore 2 still offer you that template? If it does, the templates is still on your disk and in the places where MuseScore 2 expects it and you'd just have to locate it and copy to the place where MuseScore 3 expects it.
But indeed just taking any score that got created from that template and saving that in the MuseScore 3 templates folder works too. If you then also empty that score, delete all notes and texts, you have back your template including its look in the new score wizard

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