Pedal markings when harmony changes in top not bottom staff

• Jun 26, 2017 - 18:01

How do I continue pedaling under the bottom (bass) staff when there's a whole note in the bottom staff, but the harmony changes in the top staff halfway through the measure? Is the only workaround to attach the pedal marks to the notes in the top staff, and then change its vertical offset? See attached score. Thank you!

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The pedal affects the entire instrument and cannot be applied to a single staff. You probably realize this, but I felt clarification was necessary for anyone else that was not familiar with piano pedals.

If you want the pedal mark to extend to the end of the measure you can put the pedal mark in edit mode, either press ctrl-E or double click it, then drag the right square (that defaults to being blue) to the end of the measure. The pedal mark in the treble of you sample goes to the first beat of the next measure where there is a 1/4 note in the first beat. You can click the whole note then shift click the first note of the next measure and the pedal mark will extend to that note when you apply it.

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