Wrong encoding for cyrillic text in Guitar Pro files

• Sep 26, 2013 - 12:14
S4 - Minor

Musescore Nightly 126b855
If a Guitar Pro file contains a cyrillic text (e.g. Russian), the text is shown in wrong encoding. An example gp5 file is attached.
Attached screenshots are the following. The GP file is opened in Musescore as in "wrong.png". It must be opened as in "right.png" (corrected manually). Settings for character set in binary files import do not affect the behavior.

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francisco_tarrega_etude_in_e_minor.gp5 2.51 KB
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The GP5 was created with Guitar pro? I wonder if the character encoding is somewhere in the file.
Txuguitar can't read the text correctly, Guitar pro on iPad either. Someone can try with Guitar pro on Mac or PC?

As I know, the newest Guitar Pro 6 also has troubles with Russian texts in gp3-gp5 files. This can be patched somehow with registry editing. In Tuxguitar it is needed to set windows-1251 encoding in the preferences of GPx plugin (Tools → Plugins→ select the Gpx plugin and press "Configure").
The attached file was created in TuxGuitar, but the Musescore behavior is the same for any Russian language tabs from internet. E.g. I have found this Tchaikovsky's valse tab: http://gtptabs.com/tabs/download/57887.html
It seems that there is wrong conversion from windows-1251 to windows-1252 encoding.