Second voice bug

• Sep 26, 2013 - 16:28

Hi! I use Musescore 1.3 on a Windows 7 computer, 4 gB RAM, Intel i3 3.30 GHz
I frequently experience the following problem: when I edit the second voice (green), changing the note from - for example a crochet to a quaver - I will get the message "Musescore has stop working" The application closes and I lose all editing.
Related to this problem is that it will refuse to indert a note where it should be. If 4/4 time, first voice has 4 crochets, second two minims. Should I change the first minim to a crochet, the second will change, sometimes disappear, and then it is impossible to put back the second minim.
If I use the forth voice (in place of the second) there are no problems.
I had the same problem with previous versions on my XP computer.
I hope you can fix this problem.

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1.3 won't recieve further fixes, but if you can reproduce the problem with a recent nightly build, it should get entered into the issue tracker.

Try this:
1. Click on the 'A' in measure (bar) 47. Note turns blue.
2. Press N for note entry mode.
3. Choose second voice - green box on menu.
4. Enter 'C' note.
5. Press 'Ctrl' + down arrow to drop green note one octave.
6. Press N to leave note entry mode.
7. Click on the 'C' in measure 46. Note turns green.
8. Press '+' to tie it to the note from step 5.

See attachment.

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