Fixed bar width?

• Sep 29, 2013 - 15:06

Can I set the same width for all bars of a staff?


I don't know if you are using a localized version of Musescore, or the one for the English language.

Under Menu item Style / Edit General Style / System -- it reads 'Fix Measure Width'.

For a lot of musicians - especially guitar players - 'bars' are the places we mainly perform our music... :-)


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...are likely the two words most often used interchangeably, both here (MS Forum) and in real life (perhaps followed by crotchet/quarter or quaver/eighth).

In my poor attempt at frivolity, I seem to have failed; therefore (unlike ChurchOrganist) I think I shall keep my day job.


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Too many measures in a bar will leave you somewhat Tremolo! :-)

But I, too, want to have a fixed system length of just two short bars.
Then several systems (maybe ten on a page) that I want to populate with different time and key signatures to go into a student book as reading exercises (eg Pick the system with waltz time in b flat).
I find that MS quite quickly blows out the system width to the whole page width and using the '{' option doesn't really work the way I need.I think the only way is to do them one at a time and then use a desktop publisher to align the samples.
Any other ideas?

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You can use Edit->Tools->Add/Remove line breaks from the menu to make line breaks after every 2nd measure. You will then need to play with the minimum/maximum system spaces to make 10 systems appear on a page.

With what you want to do this should work well. You should have no problems with measures growing too wide. Measure stretch should not be a factor in what you want to do. You will never stretch them wide enough to put 2 measures on a line, and if you changed it, the line breaks will make those changes unnoticeable.

You will probably want to look at the first time and key signatures on each line in the inspector to turn off courtesy.

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