Intalling "Nightly builds" for GNU/Linux

• Sep 29, 2013 - 15:12

Lately i have been adviced: "if you're going to be submitting bug reports and feature requests, you really should figure out how to get a night build installed so you can see what's already implemented. It's not difficult, takes only minutes."

The explanation I checked is not noob proof enough(for me at least) so i wish to make a little "step by step how to" so everyone interested should be able to manage.
Here is a start, please add and alter.
Thank you!

1) go to
Select the latest file that is about 117MB (you see the size while downloading) and download it to your desktop.

2) open a terminal (press: ctrl+alt+t) and (to set the current directory for this terminal session) type:
[code]cd Desktop[/code]
and press [enter]

3) to uncompress and unarchive in one step type:
[code]tar -xjf "filename_here"[/code] eg:mscore-2013-09-20-18-00-c84969b.tar.bz2
and press [enter]

3) to (??) type:
[code]chmod a+x mscore[/code]
and press [enter]

4) to start it type:


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...there is an "executable" measuring 356.3MB called mscore on my desktop now.
So aparently something did happen yesterday.

I guessed that is the "unpacked" tar file.
So, i did:
[code]cd Desktop[/code]
[code]~/Desktop$ chmod a+x mscore[/code]
[code]~/Desktop$ ./mscore[/code]
that outputs:
[code]./mscore: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory[/code]

So it is not entirely working, but more so than yesterday :)

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Hi there,
I could install Qt without a problem on Ubuntu. I put it in a specific folder Qt (maybe not the best idea). I can see all the libs required are installed, but how do I make the link with mscore? Shall I add some lib folders to a environment variable or make a symbolic link?


Please see if there is a way for you to add the word 'Linux' somewhere in the main title.
As a '100% complete' noob myself, as I don't even use Linux, I did read your instructions; and also the link you provided. (I came here by accident... did not see 'Linux' in the title)

So, I was just wondering, as a '100% noob':
At which of the numbered steps is the compressed .tar file extracted?
I expected to read something like: "to extract the (file name here) etc........................."now take that extracted/uncompressed (file name here) etc...


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Gnu-tar (and Linux uses that) can uncompress and unarchive in one step, just like winzip of 7zip.
It needs some helper programs, but call them itself' if available. Depening on how it got build it even detects which uncompress utility to use automagically.
You could also fix the typo in the title :-)

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I am successfully building/running museScore from the GitHub page. I used the guide and qtCreator to do it.
However, the nightlybuilds still don't work for me, so I suspect that they wont work for other noobs who just want to report bugs.
The nighties give errors like this:
./mscore: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I have those installed, otherwise musescore wouldn't be running from QtCreator.

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hi i think i have almost succeeded.

-i went to and downloaded mscore.64bits-2014-09-25-09-59-bdbaf5a.tar.bz2 to my desktop.

-i doubleclicked mscore.64bits-2014-09-25-09-59-bdbaf5a.tar.bz2 , clicked the one file in it and copied it to my desktop.
There is a cogwheel named mscore on my destop now.

-i opened a terminal and typed:
[code]cd Desktop[/code]
and pressed [enter]

-(i dunno what for, but) than i did:
[code]chmod a+x mscore[/code]
and pressed [enter]

-and than to start it i typed:
[code]./mscore[/code] which outputs: ./mscore: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
...just like TromboRafi exept that mine has Core where he/she has XmlPatterns...

So if anyone could be so kind to unveil what is going wrong here i might be able to run it and i would be very grateful :)

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The nightly builds for Linux contain just the binary, but none of the supporting files that are needed too.
Best bet would be to build it yourself, or try to find the 2.0Beta 1 package for Linux

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Qt is a whole world, a development world. On my Mint17 (=Ubuntu 14.04) the 4.8.6 version has been installed from synaptic, as shown by attachment 4
Within this development tool, which I'm not able to use, there is a lot of libraries used by developments such as MuseScore. Present development MuseScore use the last Qt, i.e. Qt5.3.
I mean that Musescore calls libraries from the Qt5.3 lot.

So in order to run mscore binary I installed Qt5.3 (see my above post as shown by attachment 5.

Since these libraries are not at the usual place (occupied by Qt4), you have to tell mscore where they are.

I hope my indications in previous posts are sufficient to deal with.

Good luck

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