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• Sep 29, 2013 - 18:46

Is it possible to change the default page settings, for example to change the default margins to 2 cm?


To change default margins:
Menu item - Layout / Page Settings

See attached file. I put 20mm margins all around a blank score created from scratch.
Saved it as 'Template 20mm' in the Musescore 'templates' folder which is located in the Musescore Program files folder (in Windows XP).

Then when I create a 'new' score and I want those settings, I choose 'Create new score from template' during score setup , and it is listed among the various template files.
Margin settings are saved.
See attachment.


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but I'm not sure if Micrologus completely dismisses it.

I'll wager that some MS users have discovered and use 'favorite' or 'frequently used' score setups from the provided template files. Then, they simply change the default page settings (eg. margins, or instruments, etc.) without realizing that they could actually save their own template.
At least that's what I did in the beginning.


Here how I do. Go into any document where you have the page settings you wish to replicate. Click format and then click Save Style. Name this whatever you want (did PAGE SETTING DEFAULT) and then when you open a new score all you have to do is click Format, Load Style, and select that file. That's the first thing I do on any time I start a document. Perhaps this will be easier for you.

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