playback cuts out mid use

• Jul 2, 2017 - 20:41
Reported version
S5 - Suggestion
needs info

when writing the sound for the notes cuts out, this happens with all tested instuments, (ie when writing a flute part the synthesised notes when putting in each note cuts out) then when put into playback mode it no longer plays the music, I have tried restarting the program but it greys out the play back mode, when I restart my pc it allows playback for a while then cuts out again. (usually takes around 5 mins or so to cut out)

laptop is windows 10 intel I5, so shouldn't be pc speed issue.


revert factory settings has some success, sometimes it brings the sound back, but usually the first re launch of the program after the sound had lost the playback buttons at the top are greyed out, as is the sythesiser, can take some time with reverting to factory settings to get it working again. i am not changing any settings within the system though, just composing normally with a flute track. (literally putting in the notes at the moment not anything else)