Flatten score

• Aug 12, 2011 - 16:32
S5 - Suggestion

Many scores often contains second endings and other notation that requires jumping back and forth between several pages. It would be nice to have a printing option that "flattens" the score. That is, it makes the score completely linear and you can read the score from beginning to end without having to go back and forth between pages.

This would be great as a printing option (for ex "Print Flattened Score").


It sounds like a good idea but it will give suboptimal results at printing time. I could imagine an option to flatten the score but not at printing time, you'll be able to tweak the line break, page break etc... before printing. This action being destructive for the score and probably not undoable, it should be protected by a warning dialog.

Or it could just create a new document, containing the flattened version. That way the original would be untouched and you could choose to save and/or print the flat version :)