Playback Issues on Repeats

• Nov 11, 2020 - 02:57
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S4 - Minor
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This bug was encountered using Musescore Drumline
1. Create a score and select any set of measures to repeat.
2. Use the "start repeat" tool on the first measure.
3. Use the "end repeat" tool on the last measure.
- you do not need to place any notes within the measures-
4. Playback
- you will notice that when the measures finish, and the repeat should be taken, it will go on to the next measure as if this repeat was not here. This does not occur when selecting the single measure repeat tool (%)-


I'm using version revision 43c5553. One of my scores has two repeats, one between bars 12 and 35 and the other between bars 36 and 75. With notation including an open Seconda Volta at bar 36, for the second repeat the playback played bars 73-75 (corresponding to the second repeat's Prima Volta location) twice over, and then stopped. However, with the open Seconda Volta at bar 36 removed the repeat played correctly.

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Update to 3.5.2 and check again
Also your issue is most likely unrelated to the OP's

That 2nd repeat has a play count of 3, but only a 1st and 2nd volta, why?
Indeed if the 1st repeat is to use a(n open) 2nd volta, you'd need to set its repeat list to 0, for it to play properly, I think at least this was need in 3.5.0. It is not in 3.5.2 though

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Hi Jojo - I installed 3.5.2 without getting any error messages, but when I tried to run it (after a reboot) the opening screen displayed for a couple of seconds and then the application closed itself down. When I try again I get the "Previous session ended unexpectedly - restore?" message, and whatever I answer the application closes immediately.