Manupulating staves

• Jul 4, 2017 - 10:00

I don't see any definition for Staff object. How can I add a new staff, remove a staff, or change staff properties?


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Not via the cmd way as you can't do anything in a opened dialog that way.

From the plugin reference manual in the plugin creator.
A Score object (such as curScore) has a read-only array parts of objects of the type Part. This corresponds with an 'instrument'. Further looking at the definition of the Part in the scripting engine reveals there are only a few properties you can change for it; being longName, mute, partName, shortName, show, volume which correspond with some of the properties available in the staff-properties dialog.

The Score object does allow you to add a new part to it using void appendPart(const QString&). The string you have to provide should be (an educated guess, not tested) the value of the id property from the Instrument tag from the instruments.xml file (…)

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Jeetee, thank you very much. I understand now that Part is not as in Sibelius, but it stands for Instrument and Stuff.

I tried your solution, and your educated guess works. I only had to to some refreshing, like this:


Still, I am far away from my goal, which is creating auto accompaniment, like they did in Harmony Assistant. The worst part is the Harmony object, as I referred here .

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FWIW, I first learned C++ back in 1987, or as I sometimes say, about 10 minutes after Bjarne Stroustrup invented it :-). After a few years in the software world, I took an almost twenty year hiatus to do music full time before getting back into C++ programming specifically to help with MuseScore. So I do know a thing or two about old war horses going back into battle :-)

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Talking about old horses, I am exactly 5 years older than Bjarne Stroustrup :-)

To start with, I am interested in exposing more properties of the Harmony object. I looked into harmony.h, and found that you made a fix 26 days ago, which means that you understand something about this object. then I found that there are three Q_PROPERTY macro calls corresponding to the three exposed properties. I found also two interesting internal variables: QString _textName and QList _degreeList, and I suspect that they keep the information I need.

So before I learn to use Qt Creator, GitHub, and all the other staff, would you like to expose those two properties?

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