strum pattern sounds when played on score

• Jul 6, 2017 - 19:29

So why is that when you listen to a guitar strumming part why is that the rhythm is played down all the time? is there a way to fix that. And is musescore 3 going to have up and down strumming put in automatically.


There are arpeggios up and down possible, and you have to apply them, MuseScore can't guess them. But arpeggios won't sound like real strumming anyway, too slow

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Then tell me jojo why in musescore 2 they have the strumming to be downwards for every chord played on a guitar. wouldn't it made more sense for them to automatically put it the up and down strumming motion to the guitar. Because naturally when strumming chords on a guitar that are in a row, you strum up and down.

With the development of musescore 3 happening this is one of the features that needs to be put in because when you listen to the song you've created with a strumming pattern just sounds bad and to me personally as a guitarist its unpleasant to listen to.

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AFAIK MuseScore doesn't do strumming at all, not up nor down, it just plays notes and if there are multiple notes in a chord it plays that all at the same time.
You can arpeggiate chords and there are symbols for up and down and they do playback as such, but way too slow to be taken as strumming.

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