For ties, selecting "All Similar Elements in Same Staff" selects them in all staves

• Oct 7, 2013 - 13:02
S4 - Minor

If I choose the context menu item Select→All Similar Elements in Same Staff on a tie in one staff, all the ties throughout the score get selected.

[v.1.3 r.5702, Win X86]


a) can you attach the score?
b) is that score by chance a piano score? If so: I think both, trebble and bass, belong to the stave... -> by design
c) if not, can you reproduce the bevoir in a current nighly build? 1.3 won't receive further fixes.

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Installing a 2.0 nightly is on my "to do" list, but not highest priority. So, maybe I can reproduce this for you on 2.0, but you might have to wait a month or two for me to do it for you.

No, it's not piano. Also, what you say about the treble and bass of a piano being treated as if they are a single staff is not the behavior of MuseScore 1.3. In 1.3, selecting "All Similar Elements in Same Staff" treats the piano's treble and bass lines as independent staves - at least it does when selecting notes, rests, and staff text. If 2.0 behaves differently, that's a design change.

I'm attaching a sample score.

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Amazing_Grace_Fragment.mscz 1.77 KB
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OK, I check with a nighly build: that Problem doesn't exist there.
And porbably I was wrong about my assumption reg. piano...