Note positions in chords

• Jul 7, 2017 - 13:17

How do I make the quaver notes in the attached chord sit to the 'right' of the semibreve chords? Could any one advise? Thank you.


Select quaver notes and dotted minim (with Ctrl) -> In Inspector, "Chord" section: change the horizontal offset, eg + 3.50. See: chord.mscz
But this default is right (even there is debate if I recall some threads)

Edit: About the debate, see this page of Gould/"Behind bars"

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Interestingly a similar but different situation involving this same passage form Gould was just being discussed on the Music Engraving Tips group on Facebook, so I was just looking at that page a few minutes ago.

Anyhow, to be clear:

In the case posted, the default is definitely the "most correct", but as Gould mentions, "some editions" do reverse this in order to avoid any possible confusion about whether the whole note (semibreve) has a stem or not. This would *only* be for chord involving whole notes / semibreves, though. If that bottom chord were shorter, there would never be any question that the upper part goes to the left here.

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