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• Oct 31, 2013 - 01:37

I have created a violin part for a song. A few of the notes appear gray on the screen rather than black. I don't know how they got that way or how to change them. They print normally. However, I cannot drag fingerings onto them.


It's always easier to answer questions like this if you attach the actual score (and not just a picture of it - the MSCZ file itself).

As it is, I can guess:

- maybe you changed the note color via Note Properties in the right click menu?
- maybe it's not really gray but red (are you perhaps color blind?) and this is how MuseScore tells you that you have entered a note too low or high for the selected instrument to play.

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... indeed it's the highest notes that are grayed, and the local manual showed me how to disable that preference. I didn't mind the coloring (which was gray, and I am not color blind, although they could have been "dark yellow" because I am not sure what that would look like against the tawny color of the background), but I did mind not being able to add fingerings. However, problem solved, and thank you.

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"Dark yellow" renders as a sort of dull olive green. I'd just as soon call it green, personally.

Anyhow, I don't think that is related to fingering. You *can* add fingering to notes that are unplayable. If the note is so far above or below the staff that it collides with notes in another staff, though, it could be a bit tricky to select or drag onto the note in the first place; maybe that was the problem?

I had a really gray note in my score that was inside of the normal range - it was the first one of four equal notes and I have no idea why and how it changed its colour. I was not able to change it back to black (right-click properties or edit element), but I deleted it and inserted a new one, which was then black again.

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And so you resurrected a 5 years old thread. Without seeing the score when it was in that condition it is hard to impossible to tell what went wrong, but my guess is that note/chord was outside the amateur range of that instrument, but had a vertical offset (like after a double click and a couple arrow keys) that made it appear at a place within range.

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Hello, friends.

I would like to resurrect this old thread, also. Using MuseScore 2.3.2, I have notes which may or may not have originally been written for a higher octave--I cannot remember. At any rate, they are gray, and within range. I've tried to color all notes black with the plug-in, but nothing works. I want the notes to appear black. Attached is the file, but the problem can be seen only at measure 37.

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Thank you, Shoichi!

This file was imported from MIDI, so it must have been a bug that came over in the conversion.

I saw these notes as colored, but not as "grayed out because they are invisible when printed," so I guess I forgot to consider the possibility of their being invisible. Instead, I was assuming that they were colored because of the "voices" that they represented, or because they were somehow "out of range." Thanks for pointing out the obvious!

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