Guitar Capo Fret set for just part of whole score

• Jul 18, 2017 - 14:06

I have joined together 12 songs into a single score. I noticed one of those songs is in Bb and requires a guitar capo fret position to be set - under Style/General/Chord Symbols - (to make the chords easier to play). Is there a way of doing this for just that one song? I don't want all 12 songs to have a capo fret set.
Thank you.


To add to my last comment. To be honest I had set various guitar chord fret marks in different pieces, but when I joined all the scores together it seems to have cancelled out those fret markings, which is very frustrating! Could anybody help me out? In the short term, is there a way of selecting individual pieces and adding guitar fret chords that way? Or is there a solution? Thank you.

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Currently, the album feature is probably not full-featured enough to address this need. Better to just export the scores individually to PDF or some graphic format and then assemble your collection that way. Meanwhile, feel free to submit a formal feature request via the "Issue tracker" link in the menu at right of this page. It hasn't been addressed because as far as I know, no one has ever requested it before :-)

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