Cannot change LH Guitar Fingering

• Jul 18, 2017 - 20:15

After completing a score, I wanted to change the size on the LH Guitar Fingering font from
size 8 to size 9. I executed Style > Text
and selected in the left pane of ‘Edit Text Styles’: “LH Guitar Fingering”, then changed the
font size from 8 to 9.
After Apply and OK and saving the score, closing and reopening it, I started to use that new font size from the ‘Fingering Palette’.
To my surprise the old font size was still used and whatever I tried, MuseScore refuses to use that new font size for my LH Guitar Fingering.
What have I forgotten to do?
I am using MuseScore 2.1 and my O.S. is PCLinuxOS KDE5 Plasma


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Works for me with your score too. I loaded it, clicked the E in the beginning of bar 2, double clicked the "1" in the LH fingering section of the palette, and it was added at 9 pt. Also tried drag & drop, same result. Which of these two methods are you using, and what are you seeing that leads you to believe it is not being added at the correct size? I verified this by right clicking and checking Text Properties, also by double clicking and checking the text toolbar.

EDIT: I guess it's possible you customized your palette and hard-coded a different size in there? Try the Advanced workspace.

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You made a confusion in the palette between the first serie of numbers, 0, 1, 2 etc. (namely Fingering, more especially devoted to piano fingering) and the second serie of numbers, devoted for guitar LH fingering.
(Edit: A pop-up tells you this when you hover the mouse over numbers in the palette)

So, you have increase the size in Style / Text for the second serie, (LH fingering, size 9), but you have enter the numbers of the first serie (Fingering, size 8)

After correction (and update, better for fingering/accidentals): 1Andantino-in-E-Minor-.mscz

By the way, I changed too the pitch. On your score, inadapted to the guitar. You must use the treble clef 8vb (or choose in "All instruments", Guitar Treble clef)

Finally, an advice: for the bass line, don't use the Voice 3, but Voice 4: really easier for the default direction of the stems.

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Thanks cadiz for this information. I must have done something wrong when assembling my on
Fingering Palette (Fingering-II). And yes, when I increase the "piano" fingering then everything is O.K.
When I hoover with my mouse tip over the numbers no pop-ups are shown also.
The question now is: how can I restore or correct the Fingering Palette and change things the right way?

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By default, the pop-ups are shown into the palettes.


"something wrong when assembling my on Fingering Palette (Fingering-II)"

"Assembling"? What you mean exactly? Probably you have created a new/custom palette with fingering symbols?

EDIT: or, maybe you have simply added a custom fingering (or more) from the score to your usual fingering palette (with Ctrl + Shift) ?

"When I hoover with my mouse tip over the numbers no pop-ups are shown also."

- So, in these cases: open the palette -> Right-click on a cell (containing an element) -> Properties -> Fill the field "Name" -> Ok

Result: a pop-up appears now in this custom or usual palette.

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To restore the original palettes just delete your current workspace and go back to Advanced, then make a new one.

Or, to just restore the Fingering palette, you could switch to Advanced workspace, save the Fingering palette, then switch back to your workspace, delete your custom Fingering palette, and load the one you saved from Advanced. I haven't tried this so I can't say exactly how it would work, but something like that should be possible.

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