Select a single voice

• Nov 7, 2013 - 18:23

How do I select a single voice? While working on one area of a score, I must have done something that produced a slew of empty measure rests in voice 2 that continue to the end of the score.

Back in Sibelius, it would be a simple matter of selecting everything, then filtering "Voice 2 only" and deleting the offending rests. Does MuseScore have a similar ability to filter voices? Is there another way to get rid of these without selecting and deleting each individual one?


select a note of that voice -> right-click -> select -> more... -> same staff and voice -> delete.
Repeat this for the rests that now take the place of the notes.

Hi, is that possible?
For instance, to select the notes of a single voice in a measure (that has two or more voices) in order to copy them and paste them in another measure (that repeat the line or motif).
Sorry for the (poor) english :)
And thanks a lot!

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