Different barline at the end of a song - This topic includes an example

• Nov 10, 2013 - 12:53


I wrote a small, easy song for a Dutch childrens book.
I almost completed the song in MuseScore but I still have one thing that I can't find out.

I made 4 staff-lines. Every staff-line has the same barline at the end. I want for the last staffline an 'ending'
barline. When I press on that barline, every staff-line gets the same 'ending' barline. How can a create a
'ending' barline for only my fourth staff-line?

In my example you can see the 'ending' barlines at the end of each of the 4 staff-lines.
I only want this barline at the end of the fourth staff-line.

I hope someone can help me.


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FWIW, I definitely recommend you try watching the tutorial videos on the main musescore.org page. They walk you through a lot of the basics of using MuseScore and would have helped you avoid some of the errors made here in how you set up your score and entered the lyrics. Things go a lot faster and work better when you do things the right way.

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It's always easier to tell what's going on from the actual score rather than just a picture of it. I can only guess you've done the lyrics and chords correctly. Btw, it seems there is an unusually large amount of space before and after the clefs on each line. That's sonething else that would be easier to understand from the score itself. Did you do something deliberately to force that to happen?

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