Selecting chordIdentifier plugin -> runtime error at program start

• Jul 25, 2017 - 09:06
P3 - Low
S1 - Blocker

Using Windows 10, 64 bit

Selecting any plugin from menu plugin manager leads after OK button to a runtime error message. The program closes.

GIT commit: 871c8ce


Status (old) needs info fixed

Happened wth plugin chordIdentiifier
Suddenly it works. Don't have any idea why this always happened.
Thanks anyway for help!

Title Selecting any plugin -> runtime error Selecting any plugin -> runtime error at program start
Status (old) fixed active

Windows 10 Musescore 2.1
Cannot start musescore anymore!

This is an error possibly caused by the plugin "chordIdentiifier".
I am successfully using musescore since some month. Sekecting plugin chordIdentiifier lead to a runtime error and program shutdown.
Yesterday selecting this plugin after reading the post of Jojo-Schmitz , I retried and it suddenly worked.
Now today, a restart of Musescore ended with the attached error message.
De- and Reinstalling Musescore did not help. I tried disconnecting all USB devices-problem remains. Other (music) programs aso using Microsoft Visual C runtime still work.

Any help would be highly appreciated!

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Title Selecting chordIdentiifier plugin -> runtime error at program start Selecting chordIdentifier plugin -> runtime error at program start
Status (old) active fixed

The proposed procedure worked.
I propose to check the reason for the crash, possibly caused by the plugin chordindentifier.

Thanks for the immediate response and helpful tip!
Musescore is a great program, and so is the support.

Severity S2 - Critical S4 - Minor

Chordidentifier ne fait pas la différence entre accord majeur (M)et accord augmenté (+) ?
Chordidentifier does not make the difference between major agreement and increased agreement?

I came to this thread from the PlugIn page for ChordIdentifier (MuseScore 2.0) - but can't seem to find a working link to download ChordIdentifier anywhere.
Is there a working version/link?
EDIT: I have found a copy. Please disregard this message - thanks.

Severity S2 - Critical S1 - Blocker
Type Functional Plugins
Priority P3 - Low
Regression No
Workaround No

Plugins are weakly supported in master and probably will in MuseScore 3.0, so low priority for now.