How to Copy and Paste Lyrics in a Song

• Nov 16, 2013 - 11:21

I am scoring a song that repeats a line of lyrics. I want to copy and paste the lyrics to avoid typing it each time.


While there is no direct copy-lyrics-only feature in 1.3 (there will be in 2.0), there is a technique you might find useful. Type the lyrics in a text editor, with hyphens to se- pa- rate syl- la- bles etc. Then copy that, switch to MuseScore, go to lyric mode, and start pasting. The syllables will paste one at a time. One you're done with the selected region, you'll have to switch back to your text editor and hit Ctrl+C again to re-copy, but then you can go back to MuseScore and paste those same syllables again.

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You say there will be a direct copy lyrics only feature in 2.0, but I've been using 2.0 for a while now and cannot find such a function. Can you please explain how it is done. I am wanting to copy lyrics from one voice to another ina choral work, so copying notes and such along with the lyrics is not an option for me.

Thank you very much Jo-Jo Schmitz. I used to type all the music before adding lyrics, but I tested copying repeated lyrics along with music and it worked!

Thank you very much Marc Sabatella and Shoichi. This discussion was on November 16th, but my mailbox was overwhelmed and I missed the e-mail alert related to your advice. I will use it now

Just select the lyrics you want to copy (eg, right click then use Select menu), press Ctrl+C to copy, then click the first note of the destination and press Ctrl+V to paste.

I have found an easier way to do this. First, select the measures that you want the lyrics copied. Then, pointing the cursor at the LYRICS while in the select mode (this is very important as you only want the lyrics copied), right-click > Select > All Similar Elements in Range Selection. Then Ctrl+C, select the first note of the other line you want lyrics be copied, then Ctrl+V. This must paste ONLY the lyrics.

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